Welcome to Archival Cloud, an online backup service brought to you by RedOrum LLC, where it’s easy for anyone to backup their important files without file type restrictions, file size limitations; giving you control.  Backup what you want, when you want, and secure your data.


RedOrum is an Information Technology consulting and service provider, headquartered in San Diego, California. We specialize in small and medium size companies providing technology guidance and IT solutions across Southern California.  Over the years, we have widened our spectrum of capabilities and diversified our services to establish a trusted presence to support our customers.

With the networks and partnerships that we have in place, we are better equipped to provide quality services to our customers.  Our team of experts offers a full range of services to help you operate more efficiently and compete more effectively in an ever-changing marketplace.  We combine excellence in execution with continuous innovation.


Our co-location company is located in Southern California;  is a Tier 4, Certified data center, with N+1 (or greater) redundancy in all data center systems, including bandwidth, power, HVAC, fire suppression and security.

The facility is an 80,000 square-foot data center originally designed to support a large defense contractor.  It is a SAS 70 Type II compliant facility that features an impressive 12+ Megawatts of power, N+1 or better redundancy on all data center systems and security protocols required by leading businesses in the most stringent verticals.  Which all means, security and reliability, plus in a time of crisis, the data center is second in queue to power up after emergency and federal systems.  Know that your data is safe in a secure fortress, reliable, and is one of the most prestigious buildings in the world and managed by very knowledgeable and experienced people.






Cooling Systems

  • Full data-grade HVAC system with N+1 redundancy
  • N+1 CRAC/CRAH units on data center floors
  • 72 degree ambient air temperature (+/-2 degrees)
  • 45% humidity (+/-5%)

Physical Security

  • 24x7x365 on-site security staff
  • Camera with remote door release at facility entrance
    - only authorized personnel are allowed to enter
  • Biometric hand scanner at man trap entrance
  • Card access control at all interior doors
  • CCTV digital surveillance cameras with 90 days storage on
    all main data center areas
  • Motion-detection for lighting on data center floors

Network Connectivity

  • Multiple fiber vaults with diverse entry
  • Access network blends (7) Tier 1 network carriers:
  • AT&T Global Crossing, Level 3, Savvis, Sprint, Verizon, XO
  • Peering via Any2 Exchange and Cenic
  • Multiple fiber providers on-site including:
    AT&T, Cox, Level 3, Telepacific, Time Warner,
    TW Telecom and XO

Power Systems

  • 12+ Megawatts from SDG&E
  • 2N and N+1 AC UPS power plants
  • A/B, 120/208v, Single-phase/Three-phase circuits
  • Up to 16 KWs per rack or higher
  • N+1 emergency generator configuration
  • Minimum 24-hour run time fuel capacity onsite
  • Multiple fuel providers with 4 hour response or better